Want to Join Us?

Gnimtrov wants you!

Are you looking for a guild that is active and friendly? Do you want to tackle new content, but don't have time for those "hardcore" guilds? Or are you a former member of a "hardcore" guild who doesn't want to be required to raid every single night? Then Devotion may be for you.

Devotion is a "casual raiding" guild. We don't raid every night, nor do we require attendance for a certain percentage of raids. Our members raid when they want. But this doesn't mean we don't take raiding seriously. We have raid leaders and players who are some of the most skilled and competent on the server. The only difference is that they choose to put their real life first, then log on to have fun with friends in a raid setting.

Before you decide whether you want to join Devotion, please read our Guild Rules. These rules outline who we are, how we raid, and how the guild is run. If you believe Devotion is still a good fit for you, then read this page and fill out the application linked at the bottom of this page. Our officers will review your application and get in touch with you. If we feel you might be a good fit, we will invite you to the guild on a trial basis so you can get a feel of the guild. This will allow you to attend one or more of our raids so you can see how our raids are run and we can evaluate your playstyle and capabilities.

Once you have run a raid or two with us, our officers will decide whether or not you are a good fit with the guild. If you make it, congratulations!

What you need to know before applying

Basic Class Knowledge

Raiding schedule and attendance

General Information

Classes desired and How to Fill Out the Application

What you should do during the application process

Please do not bother the officers about your application status. Also, don't round-robin our members to try to inquire about your status. If you submitted an application and haven't heard back from us, you were probably rejected, or we missed your application somehow. Submit another application if you don't hear back from us after a couple of weeks.


Thanks for reading everything above. If you're ready to join, then please fill out the application form. Be thorough! Descriptive and well-written applications will get extra consideration.