Guild Rules

Who we are

Who we are

Devotion is a guild comprised mostly of casual style players with what many gamers would call "real lives." While we do have our more "hardcore" players, most of us spend more time outside the game than in it. However, we all strive to better our in-game play and achieve goals for the guild.

Devotion started in Dark Age of Camelot with a select few friends. While we were few, we were strong. Having played together in Everquest beforehand, we formed a "core" that wound up being some of the most valuable players in our Hibernian Alliance: The Last Alliance. Devotion moved to World of Warcraft, first to the PVP server Darkspear, where we leveled together and engaged in PVP. The guild disbanded for a while, causing one or two members to seek other servers, but eventually re-formed on Bronzebeard. First, we were just the same group of friends in an alt bank guild, but the need arose to take in friends we had met, and we became relatively large.

Devotion is currently tackling 10-man content in Cataclysm. See our Raiding Progress page for our accomplishments.

How We Do Things

Devotion is a "casual raiding" guild. We do raid, and love progression, but we do not have any time requirements for our members. We also wish to foster a friendly and open guild environment where everyone feels welcome. While we do not have any hard guidelines for behavior, we do ask the following:

  1. No begging. Please don't beg for money or runs on guild chat. Asking if anyone wants to run an instance once or twice is fine, but spamming guild chat with "Run me thru VC PLZ!" or "ne1 spare 1000g plz?" is not acceptable.
  2. No harassment. Well, only to those that are your friends and enjoy it. ;)
  3. Keep chat family friendly. Several of us have younger family members who play in the guild, so we'd appreciate if profanity and lewd language was left off guild chat.
  4. Put forth a positive image. Every member is a representative of Devotion, so the above also apply to General and Trade chat.

Guild leadership

The ranks in Devotion are as follows:

  1. High Elder - This is the guild leader of Devotion (currently Gnimtrov). The High Elder only exists due to the game's guild structure only allowing one true guild leader.
  2. Phoenix Elder - Considered the same as High Elder with regards to rank, members of this rank make up the long-term members of Devotion. They act as part of the officer corps, carrying out the rules and regulations passed by said officers.
  3. Officer - The legislative branch, one might say. The officers are responsible for carrying out guild policy, as well as proposing and voting on new policies or policy changes. Officers act as the primary dispute mediators of the guild, as well as interviewing prospective new members to the guild. Officers are the key decision makers of the guild.
  4. Sentinel - The Sentinels act as advisors to the officers, and liaisons for the members to the officers. Sentinels can see officer chat and the officer forums, so they have insight to upcoming policy changes and the decision process of the officers.
  5. Argent Knight - A level 70+ member of Devotion.
  6. Guardian - A level 50 or higher member of Devotion.
  7. Seeker - A member of Devotion under level 50, as well as a new member in the second stage of their probationary period (more on this later).
  8. Initiate - A new member of Devotion on the first stage of their probationary period. All new members will start as an Initiate.


Devotion does not do open recruiting. Open recruiting has too many risks that might allow unsavory characters into the guild.

Recruiting is done on a person-by-person basis. If one of our members spots a person who they believe can contribute to the guild, or they are contacted by a person who is interested in joining the guild, they should direct them to our "Join us!" page to fill out an application for more information, or to an officer online. The person may be admitted immediately into the guild once they have been familiarized with the guild rules and expectations.


The Initiate rank is given to all new recruits. This lasts for one month and allows new recruits time to get to know us.

A recruit can also have their alts invited to the guild, but are not required to do so. The recruit will be required to register on the forums and list all their alts. The officers will be responsible for posting "Alt of (MAIN)" in the officer notes. The recruit's alts will also be given Initiate rank.

During the initiate period, the recruit has full participation privileges of any member of Devotion. No favoritism will be shown, nor shall the recruit be "hazed." They want to become members of Devotion, so they shall be treated like any member. However, Initiates are under extra scrutiny, and any violation of guild rules will result in expulsion from the guild.


After the one month Initiate period, the officers will have a 48 hour review, taking stock of their character (both character as in class and gear, and character as in personality). If a majority of officers disapprove, the recruit is denied admission and removed from guild. If a majority of officers approve, the Initiate is promoted to Seeker rank. Note: a promotion may occur before the 48-hour period elapses if a majority of officers approve before it expires. Once again, full participation privileges apply at the Seeker level. Seekers are also required to move all their max-level characters to Devotion (see "Split Affiliation" below).

If the recruit violates guild rules at the Seeker level, he is immediately demoted back to Initiate for one month, as are any alts he may have. Another violation of guild rules will result in expulsion.

After one month on Seeker status with no violations, the recruit is promoted to a rank commensurate with his character's level.

Split Affiliation

Devotion, by definition, indicates a profound dedication to a person or group. Therefore it is the policy of Devotion that we do not allow split affiliations among our top-level members. This means we do not want one level 85 character in another guild while other level 85 alts stay in Devotion, nor have a level 85 main in Devotion and level 85 alts in another guild. Having top-level characters in several guilds is, in our opinion, detrimental to all the guilds involved. We do not want to be a gear-up guild for alts, nor do we want to demand someone's time on a main to the detriment of their alt guild. Thus, at the end of the Initiate period, the Initiate must move all their level 85 characters to Devotion.

Lower-level characters in an alt guild is acceptable to a point. We can understand one's need to sometimes either hang out with a different group of friends, or have a bank alt guild for the guild bank, or just not even be guilded to "get away" at times. However, please be considerate to both us and your alt guild. We welcome multiple max-level characters per player. After all: variety is the spice of life!

Who we are