Devotion Raiding Progress

Devotion raids 10-man content every Wednesday and Sunday at 5:30 p.m. server. Even though Devotion is a "casual raiding" guild, we still take our raiding seriously with skilled and knowledgeable raid leaders, and expect all attendees to have acceptable gear and performance levels for 10-man content (see "How we Raid" for our raiding rules). We start assembling the raid at 5:30 p.m. server with raid start at 6 p.m. server.

Here is Devotion's current progress through Cataclysm content:

= Not Down = Downed = Farm Status = Hard/Heroic Mode Downed

  Raid Instance
  Firelands Firelands
  Blackwing Descent Blackwing Descent
  Bastion of Twilight Bastion of Twilight
  Throne of the Four Winds Throne of the Four Winds
  Baradin Hold Baradin Hold