Guild Rules

How we raid

Raid Rules

Raid Schedule and Start

Devotion is currently holding scheduled 10-man raids every Wednesday and Sunday at 6:00 p.m. server, with optional raids/continuations on Saturday and Monday at 6:00 p.m. server. Any 10-man raid may become a 25-man raid should interest and attendance warrant. Raid assembly will begin 30 minutes in advance for all raids.

"Unofficial" raid scheduling

Our raid leaders have enough on their plates with both official raids and real life issues. Therefore, members are heartily encouraged to use the calendar for their own raids/heroics/leveling runs. Members may use whatever rules they feel appropriate. Please do not schedule during official Guild raid times.

Raid Calendar

Raids and some heroic instances are posted on the in-game calendar. The time listed is when raid formation begins. The description of the raid on the in-game calendar will indicate when pulls are scheduled to start, and describe what method of selection will be used (raid leader choice, or roll-off for spots). Members are expected to be at the instance and ready to go 15 minutes before raid time. If they are not present 15 minutes before pulls are scheduled to begin, their spot may be filled by a PUG.

Raid Availability levels

The in-game calendar uses three levels of availability:

Raid Slot Priority

Slot priority for all raids will be determined by one of two methods: Raid Leader Choice or Roll-Off. When a raid is posted on the in-game calender, the raid leader will state which method will be used. Note: The raid leader may choose to do a roll-off anyway.

Should we have more sign-ups than spots available, those sign-ups who showed up on-time and did not get into the raid will have priority spots on the next raid for that instance, provided they sign up for the next raid. If they do not show up for the next raid, they lose their priority spot. The raid leader should post on the forums noting who didn't get in the previous raid. Note: Raid Leader Choice raids overrides this priority, as the Raid Leader can pick and choose who will go on that night's raid.

So, to clarify, the unless raid leader choice is used, the priority order for raids is as follows:

  1. Those who rolled out of the previous raid of the that night's raid instance (i.e. rolling out of a Wednesday raid the previous week gets to go to this Wednesday's raid).
  2. Those who fit either of the following criteria:
    • Those who switched from their signed up character to bring another character (to fill in a needed role) for the previous raid and now want to bring said signed-up character from that previous raid.
    • Those who signed up for the raid and have not participated on a previous raid of the same instance that week.
  3. Those who signed up for the raid and have participated on a previous raid of the same instance that week.
  4. Everyone else.

Should all spots be filled by (1) and (2), then people who meet category (3) are excluded from the raid and do not get rollout priority for the next raid.

Pick-up Spots

Any slots remaining after sign-ups are placed will be known as "pick up" slots. First priority will go to guild members and/or allies who have shown up for the raid but not signed up. Should more members be present than spots available, they shall roll off for the remaining slots as we have done in the past.

Priority for 10-man raids goes to Devotion members, then allied members. Priority for 25-man raids goes to both Devotion and allied members equally.

Should a raid still need members, friend/alliance channels shall be asked, with /LFG used as a last resort. Pick-up characters will have the same loot rights as a main.

Forfeiture of Raid Slots

Sign-ups who do not show up 15 minutes before pulls are scheduled to begin, or without advance warning they will be late, will forfeit their slot to the next available sign-up, or to a pick-up.

Main Raiding Character

We require our guild members to designate two characters as their primary raiding characters. These characters are eligible to go on all progression raids. These characters will also have a primary talent spec that defines their role in the raid. Primary raiding characters are listed in the "Raiding Character Listing" thread on the Raiding Information forum. Any changes should be posted on that thread.

These characters must be ranked Yellow for the latest content by and/or perform adequately in progression content as judged by the raid leaders. If a character is ranked red for said content, but has performed well above par for their gear, they may be granted Raider status .

If a member wishes to change a primary character, the new raiding character will be subject to a 2-week period where they may not roll primary use on any item (however they may roll as off-use). The 2-week rule also applies if a character changes their talent specialization such that it changes their role within a raid (druid going from Resto to Boomkin, Paladin going from Protection to Retribution, etc.). The 2-week period is defined as two weeks worth of raiding on the character. If the character raids one week, then takes two weeks off with no raiding, they still have to raid one more week in order to be cleared for open rolls.

Raiding Requirements

We require the following in order to participate in our raids:

  1. Ventrilo. We use Ventrilo to more effectively coordinate our raids.
  2. Threat meter. Please use either Omen or KLH Threat Meter. If you do not have a threat meter, you are hurting the entire raid.
  3. Boss Mod. A Boss Mod alerts you to key transitions and events. It makes you more self-reliant instead of waiting for an already overloaded raid leader to tell you when something is about to happen. We use BigWigs or Deadly Boss Mods.

If a player shows up without these, they may be left out of the raid.

Players are also asked to show up with all the requisite gear sets, elixirs, potions, oils, item enhancements, reagents, etc. they will use on the raid. A well prepared player is the key to raid success. A poorly prepared player hurts the entire raid.

Loot rules

All raids run with Master Looter on set at Rare (blue) level. Items are rolled on with primary use given priority. All players who would use the item may roll, with those who would use in a secondary fashion (e.g. holy priests rolling on damage gear, tanks rolling on dps gear) stating "secondary" or "off use" in raid chat immediately after their roll. Armor class is considered on primary rolls.

We operate on a "one main-use epic per night" policy, however that policy may be overridden if nobody else rolls on that item at that priority level (primary/secondary). Also, a list is kept of the winners during the run. Should people already have epics and desire another, they should roll anyway. We will go down the list and award to the person with the highest roll and has won the fewest epics. Example:

An item drops that Bob, Sid, and Nancy all want. Bob and Nancy have won 2 epics and Sid has won 1 epic that night. The rolls are as follows:
Bob rolls 83
Sid rolls 32
Nancy rolls 41

Looking down the list, Bob and Nancy have 2 epics, so Sid is given the epic to bring his count up to 2 epics for the night.

Raid Guidelines

When attending raids, there are certain priorities. Real Life comes before Game Life, however you can provide the raid with courtesies if you must leave temporarily or permanently. Notify the raid. Most importantly, notify the Raid Leader. Raid Leaders have many things they are paying attention to. So, for this and any other important message, send them in a Whisper. Because Whispers appear in a different color, Raid Leaders pay more attention to them. If you have to leave permanently, any heads up is good. Whispers should also be used for any information you think would be good for a boss while getting prepared for said boss.

Ventrilo is a tool to have fun and make raids more enjoyable. This falls into two categories. On the one hand, it makes it easy to chat, joke, and have fun vocally with one another. However, it can easily become overloaded. Be courteous when using Team Speak. Whenever a Raid Leader speaks up during a pull for attention or is in the process of preparing for a boss, Team Speak needs to be cleared. While a boss fight is in progress, Team Speak needs to be left for those who are needed or emergencies. At the conclusion of a fight, do NOT yell on Team Speak. It is a tool to be used, and enjoyed, by all.

Come prepared. Come with reagents and ammunition that are required by your class. Have bag space so you can pick up required items, loot, or accept potions and related items. Come with any potions, elixirs, or consumables that you require to raid competitively. Come with the mindset and time to raid. We do not penalize for partial raids, but it can put your friends and guildies in a difficult position as they have to fill spots. Come with the time needed and with the mindset to get things accomplished as well as wipe. Getting new content requires preparation and commitment. Finally, read ahead. Go to and other similar sites to read up on the next bosses you are likely to see. We will endeavor to provide tips on the Raiding Forum, if not, please link any relevant information that would help the guild. Even if you have not fought them, being able to say that you know why you goofed the first time around is invaluable.

Raid Leader is Final Authority During the Raid

The Raid Leader reserves the right to remove a character from the raid should that character not be performing up to par for the encounter. While this sounds harsh, it is only for the good of the other members of the raid. Devotion is a casual guild, so everyone's time is precious. Should a warlock not come with soul shards, or a hunter repeatedly lets their pet run wild and wipe the group, the Raid Leader may kick them from the raid.

The Raid Leader also reserves the right to override the results of a loot roll should the winning roll result in an item with no significant beneficial value to the winner (e.g. armor with agi/int/AP being rolled on by a DPS warrior).

If there are issues regarding a Raid Leader's performance or decisions, they should be brought up with an officer after the raid is complete.

How we raid