Guild Rules

Issue resolution

Resolving issues

Issues that arise may be handled in two ways:

  1. Immediately by one officer or quick vote on /o chat.
  2. Through discussion and vote on the Officer forum.

Handling an issue immediately

Should an issue arise that requires an immediate decision, the officer may make the decision on their own or ask for a quick vote on /o chat. If the officer makes a decision on their own, they should notify other officers via /o chat or via the forums. They should report what happened, what decision was made, and why it was made.

If there is a dispute about the course of action, either by the officer or by another member, then it should be taken up for discussion on the forums.

if a member objects to an officer's immediate decision, they should notify another officer. This officer will then act as liaison for that member during discussions. The liaison officer will relay all discussions regarding the decision to the member so the member may respond.

Game chat using the /log command and forum discussion are highly encouraged so such records may be kept, thus reducing the possibility of misunderstandings. Settling an issue by using Teamspeak is discouraged because it is hard to have an exact record of what was said.

Handling a non-immediate issue or policy decision

The decision process for non-immediate guild issues should go as follows:

  1. An issue is to be brought up for discussion by the officers on the officer forums.
  2. The discussion period will commence for 72 hours.
  3. After 72 hours, a poll will be taken. This poll will last for 48 hours and have only 3 choices: Agree, Disagree, and Abstain. The results for each of these 3 choices is as follows:

Officer promotion

A member may be brought up for promotion to sentinel or officer through the "non-immediate issue" process.

Officer discipline

Should an officer's behavior come under question, that officer shall be brought up for discussion on the officer forums. During this discussion, the officer will be given one post to explain his version of events and offer his proposal for a solution. The other officers may then ask him questions, or they may discuss among themselves.

The officer in question shall only respond to direct questions, he shall not interject among the discussion between other officers. If the officer interjects, he shall be demoted to Sentinel rank while further discussions take place.

After 72 hours, a poll will be taken asking if the officer should be demoted. Should a majority agree, the officer in question will be demoted to a rank commensurate with his characters' levels. Should a majority disagree, the officer will remain an officer. Should a majority abstain, the officer will also remain an officer.

Member discipline

Should a member's behavior come under question, an officer should be contacted as soon as possible. The officer shall notify other officers of the alleged behavior, and begin an investigation into what happened. The procedure will be the same as officer discipline, with officers determining the severity of punishment based on the degree of the infraction.

Issue resolution